Ghế massage toàn thân OSIM uDivine App

Ghế massage toàn thân OSIM uDivine App

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Now Connected.
The world's best-selling massage chair and phone.
Now more than just 'Massage fit for a king', the OSIM uDivine App massage chair innovates and pushes it's supremacy further - leveraging the power of smart phones and mobile technology.
Works with Apple iPod touch®, iPhone®; and iPad®, the OSIM uDivine App massage chair re-establishes the benchmark for massage chair innovation, transforming it to an intelligent, multi-sensory enjoyment for the body, mind and soul.
Available in Sand Beige and Mocha Brown.
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Enjoy our latest television commercial
  Watch how uDivine App works in leveraging the power of smart phones and mobile technology in our detailed product video   Find out about uDivine App massage chair through interactive elements, 360° product view and more  
Massage combined with best-in-class mobile app technology
At your service 24/7 like a virtual assistant, the uDivine App is your personal massage advisor that renders its smart recommendations and useful information on optimising your uDivine App massage experience at home.
So it's not just another advancement in technology, but an OSIM innovation that extends the OSIM service, value and well-being to you.
uDivine App
Your personal massage advisor provides:
Healthcare information on massage programmes
Healthcare information on all its professionally crafted massage programmes to help you make the most appropriate selection according to your needs.
Ambient music for holistic relaxation
Enjoy holistic mind and body relaxation with a choice of 3 exclusive OSIM music (Relax, Balance and Energise), or select music from your personal playlist.
Benefits and tips to optimise your massage
The uDivine App provides benefits and tips on how to optimise your uDivine App massage experience at home.
Complementary OSIM product information
Broaden your massage experience and the well-being benefits of uDivine App massage chair with other complementary OSIM products.
Satisfy the desires of your well-being all day
  My years of experience in massage treatment in Japan have given me insights into many types of ailments. The suite of massage programmes that I've created in uDivine App massage chair targets the critical pain point on the human body while the patented Human-3D massage technology follows the contours of the human body, providing a more reallistic, humanised and effective massage.  
Sato Tsuyosh
Japanese Chiropractic
Massage Expert
Featuring 13 professionally crafted massage programmes by Japanese Expert, Sato Tsuyoshi, the OSIM uDivine App massage chair redefines performance and quality in full-body massage, delivering an unrivalled Human-3D massage experience of utmost relaxation and well-being.
Professionally crafted Human-3D massage programmes
Lumbar Care
  A supremely tender full body massage programme that only utilises the power of air massage technology. A most peaceful massage, best experienced together with your favourite music for that 'floating', sleep-inducing session.   A popular massage programme that focuses 75% of its duration on the lower back area. An effective massage that soothes lower back stiffness and tension, keeping it strong and healthy.  
Daily basics
Calm and soothe common pain points in a few minutes.
Therapeutic relief
Precise and soothing solutions for specific needs.
Lifestyle essentials
Restore balance and well-being through the day.
Customised suite
Satisfy unique desires of the body and mind.
Neck & shoulders
Quick relief from aches and tension on neck and shoulders.
Works on overall physical tension to relax tight muscles.
Wake the body & mind for a healthy & productive day ahead.
Gentle relaxation & better circulation for well-being.
Efficient 5 minutes full body massage for instant recovery.
Intense 3D massage to stimulate & invigorate body & mind.
Prepare the body & mind for a restful good night's sleep.
Relax the body & mind for improved overall concentration.
Deep Tissue
Intense-pressure massage to relieve body tension & knots.
Relax the body & mind for better daily well-being.
Loosen muscles & improve your range of motion for flexibility.
  Multi-sensory pleasures for the body, mind and soul
  The uDivine App massage chair offers a suite of the most invigorating massage programmes and manual massage techniques that are thoughtfully designed for a multi-sensory full-body massage experience with your favourite online, audio and visual entertainment.
Head-to-toe pampering
Free your mind
Enter into the realm of serenity and relaxation with your choice of music as the uDivine App massage chair massages away the strains and fatigue after a long day at work.
Ease strains from neck & shoulders
OSIM Human-3D massage technology delivers a deep and point-focused massage to relieve and soothe accumulated strains and tension like a professional masseur.
Quick comfort for arms, hands and palms
Rhythmic massage airbags are strategically pasitioned to revitalise the entire length of your arms from shoulders to the fingertips.
Tenderise thighs, hips and butt
Prolonged sitting retards healthy circulation in the lower body. Stimulate a smooth blood flow on your lower body with the robust air pressure massage.
Refresh worn out calves, ankles and feet
The combination of wrap-around power squeeze, vibration massage, roller reflexology and warm air thoroughly rejuvenates tired and aching legs.
Intelligent shoulder detection sensors
Activated at the start of every automatic massage programme, the shoulder detection feature ensures you benefit from the full curative effect of the most personalised massage, by understanding and conforming to your unique physical build.
A whole new multi-sensory experience with audio-visual entertainment
Using wireless connection to your smart devices, the uDivine App massage experience is enriched with the fusion of massage therapy and instant access to your choice of online, audio-visual entertainment.
Surf online, listen to your favourite songs, play a game, watch a movie and more, while having a satisfying massage at the same time.
Indulge in a whole new multi-sensory massage experience that will leave you totally relaxed, rejuvenated and entertained on the uDivine App massage chair. A holistic therapy at its best, for the body, mind and soul.
Crowning point of well-being & mobile app technology
Designed with a suite of professionally crafted Human-3D massage programmes, combined with the intelligence and convenience of the best-in-class mobile app technology, the OSIM uDivine App massage chair re-establishes the benchmark for massage chair innovation, transforming it to an intelligent, multi-sensory enjoyment for the body, mind and soul.
Power Consumption   280W (Max)
Auto Timer   Approx. 15 minutes
Reclining Angle   113-153 degrees
Upright   73 (W) x 117 (L) x 120 (H) cm
Reclined   73 (W) x 200 (L) x 85 (H) cm
Net Weight   Approx. 106 Kg
Made for iPod touch (5th generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (3rd generation), iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad (3rd generation), iPad 2, iPad.


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